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We are licensed by the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission (NSLC) and purchases may be made on-site at our Seasonal Farm Gate Store or with a quick call to the farm:

Midgard Meadery / Scotch Lake Farm
524 Scotch Lake Road
Scotch Lake, Nova Scotia
farm: 902 · 794 · 4013
cell:  902 · 574 · 8756

Farm Gate Store Hours
May through October

Tuesday to Saturday
12:00-4:00 pm & 5:30-8:00 pm

Our Honey, Meade and other products may be purchased from us year round at:

Cape Breton Farmers Market
15 Falmouth Street (at l'Esplanade)
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Saturdays  -  8:30 am to 2:00 pm

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Midgard Meadery is located in a small village called Scotch Lake in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.   We are licensed as a Cottage Meadery and are Nova Scotia's only Small Farm Non-Grape Winery.   The farm meadery resides next to the churning Georges River which is dwarfed by the natural beauty and peace of the Barrachois Hills.

Our farm/apiary and meadery has been producing honey since 2002 and meade since 2006 using all organic methods in beekeeping, meadmaking and all other produce from the farm.   To be informed of events, to inquire, or just to say hello, send us an email at:  .


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