Mead, Meade, Mede, Medo, Meodu ...

By any of these names, the ancient drink of fermented honey invokes, to the
minds eye, images of the Middle Ages.   Be it the Knights of the Round Table,
the heroic tale of Beowulf, or the Kings of the North, their meade houses
and their long ships in the mists of the dark age.

One may envision Medieval times of Lords and Ladies in
their stone castles with bountiful feasts, meade-maids,
drinking horns and songs of heraldry.  
Another may recollect the Bishops of Canterbury,
the Holy Crusades  or the Merry Men of Sherwood.
Others still may prefer the Age of Reason during
the flowering of the Renaissance, where elegant
courtyards of the wealthy bloomed with
spectacular foliage and hummed with
bees to provide the gentry with
exquisite honey and mead.     read more ...

So essential to the way of life, the mead-maker to the King was of great importance.   Who else could sate the King's desire for abundant and delicious meade to grace his table?

The Bees of Midgard

The Bees of Midgard

" I keep bees, and the bees keep me."  
These are the words of the beekeeper of Midgard.    

From Sunrise to twilight, the legions of honey bees, Apis mellifera forage the countryside throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn.   Every worker bee returns to the hives or skeps heavily laden with nectar and pollen.   The apiaries pulse and vibrate with the heartbeat of the living land.     read more ...

The Honey of Midgard

The nectar of more than sixty varieties of wildflowers provides
the flavour, sweetness, honesty and perfection of Midgard honey.
Meadows and pastures abundant in alfalfa, blackberry, blueberry,
and fireweed produce the thick, raw golden honey of Midgard.
Orchards of apple, cherry, peach and plum produce Midgard's
pure and natural amber honey.    

The Tales of Midgard

Odin transformed himself into an Eagle.   He filled his beak with the Meade of Poetry and flew on powerful wings to Asgard.    Arriving at Valhalla, Odin spat the sacred meade into the golden cups of the gloriously slain.     read more ...


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